Chunghwa Telecom Cooperates with Taiwan Industry 495x400

Chunghwa Telecom Cooperates with Taiwan Industry to Participate in NGMN IC&E 2018

4K/8K Live Concert Showcases Taiwan 5G Strengths

Chunghwa Telecom with TW5G Alliance-CHT Pilot Team attended the NGMN Industry Conference & Exhibition 2018 held by NGMN in Vancouver, Canada, from November 6th to 8th. Chunghwa Telecom and its major partners from the Pilot Team, including Advantech, Jorjin, Sercomm, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Institute for Information Industry (III), jointly demonstrated leading-edge technologies like live 360° camera and real-time video stitching technology, Augmented-Reality/Mixed-Reality (AR/MR) Smart Glasses, Mobile Edge Computing (MEC), 4K/8K/Edge-AI High Efficiency Video Coding/Advanced Video Coding (HEVC/AVC), Macro Cell/Small Cell Heterogeneous networks and IoT Smart Platform under the theme of “4K/8K Live Concert” to showcase their comprehensive 5G capabilities in Taiwan. With these achievements, the Pilot Team successfully bridges the gap with global telecom operators to promote cooperation between Taiwan industry and global telecom operators and to accelerate the development of Taiwan’s 5G industry.

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