ETSI re-elects Director General Luis Jorge Romero

Sophia Antipolis During their 73rd General Assembly, 2-3 April 2019, ETSI members re-elected the current ETSI Director General Mr. Luis Jorge Romero with an overwhelming majority on the first ballot.

Luis Jorge Romero, first elected as ETSI’s Director General 8 years ago, outlined his achievements over this period. “These years provided ETSI with a valid and solid foundation. We embraced many technologies, including artificial intelligence, network virtualization or blockchain to name a few, thanks to a team who keeps updated on new technologies and trends” he said. He pointed out the governance, financial stability and new working methods of ETSI over the years and reminded members that ETSI addresses both European and global needs, is versatile and inclusive in its membership and culture.

ETSI’s Director General is elected for a five-year term of office, which may be extended by the members for a further three years.

Mr. Romero has 30 years’ experience in the telecommunications sector. Previously he has held diverse Director positions in Spain, Morocco and Mexico, predominantly with Telefónica. As Global Director for International Roaming and Standards, and Director of Innovation and Standards, he oversaw Telefónica’s participation in global standardization activities, and participated directly in the work of the Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance and in the GSM Association (GSMA). Before joining ETSI, he also held the position of Director General of Innosoft and was also a partner and board member of the Madrid-based Innology Ventures.