NGMN Green Future Networks Project Update at 5G World


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Ana Maria Galindo Serrano, Orange and Saima Ansari, Deutsche Telekom provide an update on the status of the NGMN Green Future Networks project at 5G World.

Topics they touched on:

  • Carbon neutrality strategies and the use of renewable energy to reduce energy carbon footprint
  • Use of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to improve the eco-design of products, lean packaging, critical raw material usage optimization and other topics to reduce the sector’s impact
  • Measurement of operators’ end-to-end service environmental footprint including scope 3, to provide information regarding CO2 equivalent emissions of their data consumption to end users
  • Green features overview to allow the network to better adapt to the traffic demand and to consume electricity only when needed
  • Measuring the energy consumption at different levels of networks to optimise the energy efficiency of the network as a whole