Minsoo Na

Head of 6G Development Team | Director, Tech. Group | SK Telecom

MINSOO’s area of expertise is in mobile communication especially in access technology as operator R&D in the ICT technology and expansive experience in global standardization, R&D project management, and commercialization. He is currently Director and Head of 6G Development Team of Tech. Group, where he leads end-to-end 6G R&D at SK Telecom, the largest mobile network operator in Korea. He has elected as Alterative Board Director at NGMN (Next Generation Mobile Networks Alliance). He has been leading various ICT R&D projects at SKT and successfully deployed new technologies in on 5G/LTE-A/LTE/UMTS and global standardization & alliance on relative topic such as 3GPP, GSMA, NGMN as well. MIN SOO, 260+ patents holder, has over a decade of experience in the wireless telecommunication fields. It has 140+ patents in Korea and 120+ patents in international countries. Accordingly, he won the best inventor award 4 times (2021/2017/2016/2015) at SK Telecom. He was mainly working on commercialization of UMTS, LTE, and LTE-A. He has led Korea-first HSPA+/LTE as PM in 2010/2011 respectively. he was engaged in several meaningful footprint such as not only launching VoLTE, Carrier Aggregation (CA) as key working member but World-first CoMP (Coordinated Multipoint Tx/Rx), small cell on/off trial, virtualized RAN as well. He also has been involved in 5G from initiation to rollout via whole area, e.g., 5G TSA (Test Spec. Association) & 3GPP standardization, R&D project, and 5G RFI/RFP at SK Telecom. One of fruitful output is World-first 5G connected car called T5 in BMW driving center, near Incheon Airport, Korea with BMW Korea & Ericsson as PM of Pre-5G N/W at Nov., 2016, which was succeeded in innovated service like 360 degree VR, V2X and MEC based object recognition as well as 3.6Gbps data rate over 170km/h speed. He has been actively involved with NGMN(Next Generation Mobile Networks) as a project member of 6G vision, use cases and requirement since 2021 and has also been involved with GSMA as a member at future networks PSG at 2019 as well. Apart from R&D career, he was experience in cooperate development by utilizing his technical expertise. He contribute to establish joint venture company named “Techmaker” between SK Telecom andDeutsche Telekom at Nov. 2020. He received award called “Special Recognition” by CEO at SK Telecom. MIN SOO received his M.S. and Bachelor’s Degrees from Seoul National University (SNU) and Korea University, South Korea, in 2009 and 2007 respectively. He is currently pursuing Ph.D from Seoul National University (SNU) since 2019.