TM Forum

NGMN Alliance and TM forum have signed a co-operation agreement to work together on optimised management systems and operations of the next generation of mobile networks. The agreement aims at facilitating the delivery of solutions that provide Operational Efficiency enhancements for next generation multi-technology networks.

About TM Forum

With more than 700 corporate members in 195 countries, TM Forum is the world’s leading industry association focused on enabling best-in-class IT for service providers in the communications, media and cloud service markets. The Forum provides business-critical industry standards and expertise to enable the creation, delivery and monetization of digital services. TM Forum brings together the world’s largest communications, technology and media companies, providing an innovative, industry-leading approach to collaborative R&D, along with wide range of support services including benchmarking, training and certification. The Forum produces the renowned international Management World conference series, as well as thought-leading industry research and publications.