Wireless World Research Forum

WWRF and the NGMN Alliance plan to work together to enhance the cooperation between commercial development and ongoing research activities.

About Wireless World Research Forum

WWRF is established as a non-profit association, founded in August 2001 under Swiss law, with its seat in Zurich, Switzerland, with a financial and organisational structure. WWRF is an open and independent organisation and is open for collaboration with all international bodies. It now has over 130 members from five continents, representing all sectors of the mobile communications industry and the research community. The objective of the forum is to formulate visions on strategic future research directions in the wireless field, among industry and academia, and to generate, identify, and promote research areas and technical trends for mobile and wireless system technologies. It is developing a common global vision for the future of wireless to drive research and standardization. In addition to influencing regional and national research programmes (such as the European Union’s FP7 programme) WWRF members contribute to the work done within the ITU, UMTS Forum, ETSI, 3GPP, 3GPP2, IETF, and other relevant bodies regarding commercial and standardisation issues derived from the research work. The Forum is unique in bringing together industry and academia from across the globe in an active discussion of new concepts, algorithms and techniques. Members discuss how new insights will impact on provision in typical application areas and on value chains in the future. It provides a unique networking opportunity, and the Forum strongly urges everybody to become a part of it, by attending the regular meetings, contributing to the work on the working groups, and by joining the Forum.