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Ideas for Small Cell Cost Sharing – Short Report

There is a long held vision of very high capacity networks using small cells in areas of high demand. With the expected availability of large quantities of mmWave spectrum for 5G, this opportunity in principle becomes even greater. But the economics of small cell deployment have proved very challenging in practice – and this challenge will only increase at mmWave frequencies, where coverage of an individual cell is typically even smaller. Unless the industry can find ways to reduce the per cell building, operation and maintenance costs, the opportunity to build out small cell networks using mmWave spectrum will be severely constrained.

NGMN carried out a study to identify and assess different approaches to improving the economics of small cells through some form of cost sharing between operators (with 5G small cells typically anchored to a 5G or LTE coverage layer). This short public report presents the most important and interesting ideas arising from that study. A fuller report from the NGMN study is also available