NGMN Publication

NGMN Open OAM-IRP Ensembles Recommendations

From their Release 99 onwards, 3GPP / SA5 adopted a new methodology to specify OA&M interfaces between Element Management System (EMS) and Network Element System (NMS). In their Management Reference Architecture, this interface is known as the Itf-N Interface.

There is a need to define « Ensembles » / « Profiles » / « Packages », i.e. some grouping of IRPs to determine which IRPs are needed in a given network management application profile. It is obvious that the subset of IRPs needed for Bulk Configuration Management of an LTE network will be different from the subset of IRPs needed for Fault Management of an EPC network.

The objective of this document is to present the IRP Ensemble concept, i.e. what it is and why it is important for MNOs but also for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers and 3rd-party tool vendors.