NGMN Publication

NGMN View of 5G as an End-to-End Ecosystem – Alignment of 3GPP SA and RAN

NGMN sent a Liaison Statement to 3GPP on 4th December 2015.

Earlier this year, the NGMN Alliance published its 5G White Paper providing consolidated 5G operator requirements. In June, NGMN has launched a 5G-focused work-programme that will build on and further evolve the White Paper guidelines with the intention to support the standardisation and subsequent availability of 5G for 2020 and beyond. A key activity of the work-programme is the development of technical 5G requirements and end-to-end architecture design principles. The results of this activity will be delivered to all major SDOs, to the ITU and to other 5G related organisations.

NGMN has reviewed the summary of the 3GPP TSG RAN workshop on 5G. NGMN notes that the summary broadly takes into account the views of NGMN, however NGMN would like to emphasise the importance for the 5G RAN studies and SA studies to be synergetic and believes that the whole design should focus on the e2e service level requirements and goals for the whole 5G system. Therefore, we kindly request 3GPP to ensure continued inter-TSG coordination toward this goal as 5G studies progress.