NGMN Publication

Recommendations For Small Cell Development and Deployment

This document is the final deliverable of the NGMN Small Cell project. It summarizes all the activities that have run in parallel in the 3 work streams of the project and it contains recommendations for cost effective Small Cell deployment and development.

In particular, this deliverable contains a summary of the most promising use cases and scenarios for Small Cell deployment that have been identified among the operators members of NGMN. Some technical solutions able to proper address the identified scenario, are also analysed. Moreover, a list of the most critical barriers for Small Cell deployment have been identified and some of those barriers have been addressed (i.e. traffic geolocalization in order to proper place Small Cells, macro-Small Cell mobility and load coordination, …).

This deliverable also contains the requirements for multi-vendor deployment of HetNet networks that are broadly addressed in dedicated deliverables [3, 4].

At last, also backhaul requirements for HetNet networks beyond release 8 are included, summarizing and complementing further requirements contained in other NGMN deliverables.