NGMN Publication

Service-Based Architecture in 5G

In March 2017, the project on “Service-based architecture in 5G” was launched. The main target of this work group was to investigate high-level requirements, use cases and guidelines for how operators can efficiently introduce and operate a service-based 5G network, i.e.,

  • Identify high-level requirements or guidelines on Service-based architecture design in 5G including network function, interface/protocol, API design principle;
  • Investigate how operators can leverage Service-based architecture in 5G in the best way, e.g., customized network slicing, updating and managing network feature dynamically. Samples, possible approaches and guideline are expected
  • Investigate how the Service-based architecture can enable network exposure, e.g., expose network and function capabilities to third parties for value-added services.

This White Paper calls for the industry on standardisation, development and promotion of service-based 5G architecture.